• Transtech Data Center Offices

    Offering unparalleled service and support, the Transtech Data Center is a readily accessible and highly secure facility for housing your off-site business technologies.

  • Side View of Offices

    The Transtech Data Center and the adjacent offices offer ample parking and accessible ramps for employees, emergency business services, co-location and disaster recovery customers.

  • Loading Dock

    The convenient loading dock provides access for easy loading of equipment. Low-incline ramps assist in bringing equipment up to the raised floor height.

  • Utility Area

    The secure utility area keeps data center facilities operating at peak performance, even in the event of service interruption.

  • Cooling Yard

    A large fan array in the utility area keeps equipment running at optimal temperatures. Fans that are not in use are shut down to save energy.

  • Data Center

    The front door offers well-lit entry to the facility, secured by industry standard two-factor authentication: an RFID keycard carried with you, and a memorized numeric pin code.

  • Backup Generators

    On-site diesel generators are routinely tested and maintained, ready to provide power at a moment's notice. With only the addition of more fuel, backup power can be supplied indefinitely.

  • Suite Hallway

    The main data center hallway provides access to your individual suite. Each entryway is secure, prohibiting access from everyone except those with valid credentials.

  • Iris Scanners

    Individual data center suites are outfitted with iris scanners to limit access to the server room. Each unit can be custom configured for you or your staff.

  • Server Racks

    Provisioned Dell servers are ready to serve up your site, host applications, transfer email, and more. Our partner company, Parsec Data Management is fully equipped to handle your business needs.

  • Fire Suppression System

    In a major emergency, an environmentally-friendly fire suppression system is prepared to automatically extinguish fires without damaging your equipment.

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